5 Benefits of SMS Marketing You Need to Explore

5 Benefits of SMS Marketing You Need to Explore

Were you aware of the fact that on average we check our phones at least 160 times a day? 

The true potential of SMS marketing or text marketing has yet to be utilized effectively. Although, they remain as one of the reliable ways for businesses to communicate. 

In the past few years, there has been a surge in the usage of smartphones and thus SMS marketing has become a key component for businesses. 

  • 8% of the world’s population visit stores or purchase items because after receiving promotional offers and messages. 
  • 29% of audiences have a better response to messages while 47% will take the extra step to further make a purchase. This is why businesses prefer the SMS messaging medium.

If you’re looking to take a route that will not only engage your existing portfolio of customers but also bring in some fresh new faces to explore your services. Then SMS marketing is definitely an option you should look into. 

Here are 5 ways you can take your business to the next level:

Open Rates

Bulk SMS marketing results in a higher number of open rates in comparison to phone calls or emails. Whereas 98% of messages received are opened indicating that this is an effective customer service method all enterprises can benefit from. 

Stable Conversion Rate

Although we heavily rely on instant messaging apps, incorporating SMS in business is surmountable. According to statistics, SMS provides a better conversion rate than any other platforms out there. More people respond better to business promotions than any other marketing services. 

SMS marketing is Cost-Effective

Cloud messaging services are the main reason SMS marketing is a cost-effective approach. Many providers offer Bulk SMS options via their platforms or SMS API, which can help businesses maximize their reach to thousands of customers easily. If you compare this method to billboards, ads, or digital news, then SMS marketing is definitely an inexpensive tool. 

Garner Audience Reach

Statista reports in 2018 showed that 52.2% of online traffic was generated through our mobile devices since we all are constantly glued to them. An advantage of SMS marketing is that it also cuts down the usage of internet connectivity. Basically, it’s a win-win situation in reaching a massive audience within seconds. 

Monitor Campaign visibility

When you trigger an SMS marketing campaign you can monitor the insights of its performance simultaneously. Through this, you can plan in advance as to how you want to launch your SMS marketing services to bring attention to your product or business. Such data can allow you to figure out your target audiences, and understand the progress of your campaign, its success, and what modifications could be made in the future to garner a better reach.

5 Benefits of SMS Marketing

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