Adobe Chief Product Officer Gives Insight Into 8 Tech Trends

Adobe Chief Product Officer Gives Insight Into 8 Tech Trends

An early indicator is that cryptocurrency will soon be incorporated into businesses this year. 

8 Biggest 2021 Tech Trends

The year 2020 will be a memorable reminder as the period we learned to appreciate our inner circle of friends, family and peers. But what kept us connected and informed the most in confusing times was technology. 

To equip us in this digitized era, companies in Pakistan and across the globe should foster these critical tech trends.  

The chief product officer of Adobe and founder of Behance, Scott Belsky shared his thoughts on the latest trends that will retool 2021. 

According to him, Bitcoin will surge in demand from investors because of its obvious potential to provide a quick profit and inflation-hedging characteristic. Belsky predicts that cryptocurrency will soon be a major element business will incorporate this year. This way it will open doors for the particular company to gain value via tokens with the expansion of their network. 

The era of “eduployment” is upon us. Encouraging individuals to continue self-improvement simultaneously as they pursue their career endeavors. A fully integrated process in this order: Identify a trade, get an education, followed by getting a job or starting a business. 

Last year we all witnessed the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic i.e. extreme poverty and astronomical unemployment numbers. Going forward the magical crystal ball has indicated that the world will soon shift towards a new eduployment pyramid.  For instance, a company named Nana and Main Street gives workshops to prepare you for the marketplace so that you can start getting hired in your local community or start a business of your own. 

“I’m seeing more entrepreneurs starting social apps now than in years past, and they’re no longer building off of Facebook’s graph or emulating existing products with slight iterations. Nope, these are (finally) wildly new and original ideas. One of my favorites, under the radar but experiencing rapid growth, is ItsMe,” Belsky told Business Insider.

ItsMe is an app that allows you to connect with people on the basis of what your mood is. You can set your own appearance and communicate through text, audio, voice and through other creative forms.  

More and more social media platforms will allow users to have extensive privacy and full creative freedom. Hence, Belsky believes that the next-generation of social media is optimistic. 

Brands will collaborate with talent that already has a huge following in order to use their pool of audience with the rise of “channels of one”. 

For all you content creators out there, build your niche through YouTube and Tiktok with the power to create a fan base and generate income through ads. 

Likewise, platforms like Substack are instrumental to monetize and expand your email list that will assist you in managing and monetizing your audience. 

“I am especially enthusiastic about products like Circle and Geneva that power fully-fledged community functionality for brands and individuals. If you’re a content creator of any kind, you can now spin up a community to gather your audience and spawn all sorts of offshoot services to delight (and monetize) your base,” The Adobe Chief product officer says.

While Instagram and YouTube continue to be unshakeable marketing platforms, in the future talent will redirect their followers to also reach them on their privately managed channels.

Globality will take over procurement as businesses will be forced to change the way they function and creative tools much like productivity tools will be essential in the new business model. 

“Obviously, this is a major focus in my day job as Chief product officer for my creative teams at Adobe. We see this massive broadening of the market divided into two types of personas: content-first creators and collaboration-first creators” said Belsky.

Valued will be authenticity and out of the box ideas. The creatives will overtake traditional nomads in the workplace. 

8 Biggest 2021 Tech Trends

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