A Quick Guide to Event Marketing In 2021

A Quick Guide to Event Marketing In 2021

Event Marketing In 2021

2020 was the year in-person events came to an abrupt halt. Thanks to everyone’s common enemy, Covid-19. Overnight major sporting events, summits, and conferences were forced to go virtual. Attending daily work meetings over Zoom from the courtesy of our couch became the new normal. Most of us have only had virtual interactions over the past year. Shocking, we know!

Marketers thrive on social gatherings because it’s an effective, yet powerful marketing resource. It’s a way for brands to garner potential customers by educating the audience through live events and leadership sessions. This is a perfect chance to gather data and feedback. 

The pandemic has left everyone with looming questions on how 2021 and the beyond will change the outlook of events. 

A recent report gave us interesting insights from 500 leading B2B marketers which included these findings:

  • Going hybrid is the future of events.
  • Reportedly around 80% of people said they plan on hosting more hybrid events in 2021.
  • Virtual events are a pool of opportunities to attract a wide follower base.

Although keeping audiences more and more engaged virtually is definitely a challenging task. As the market is ever-changing it definitely can’t withstand generation ebbs and flows if it does not counter traditional event marketing. 

Why should you host hybrid events?

Valuable data- Since engagements can be automatically archived, this saves you the hassle of keeping track of every action during virtual events. You can look back on all the gathered data and use it to your advantage in creating a much better event than last. 

Great ROI- Brands can still charge followers for exclusive content even though they are not able to attend IRL. This is a great way to increase your ROI by selling virtual access packages at your desired prices. Consequently, pre-recorded paid sessions and keynotes can be used in the future, saving you heaps off of your marketing budget. 

Generate broader audience- After last year everyone is trying to get back on their feet, therefore our scheduling restraints can be a wedge preventing us from attending in-person events. With brands going hybrid nowadays, the bridge separating you from tuning in to watch your favourite team play, catching Beyonce belt “Halo” live, or attending a sustainability summit is all possible. Since content is now easily accessible online. A win-win for consumers and businesses. 

Marketing strategy for hybrid events

Social Media Promotions:

High five if you’ve got a champion social media manager that maps outposts and content ahead of time, making it easier for your team to plan promotional strategies.  Creatively posting updates, tagging followers, or using the hottest hashtags prior to the scheduled event can lead to a successful turnout. 

Sponsorship Drive:

Only if you’ve been living under a rock is the only excuse you’ve missed out on how sponsors can result in a revenue boom for your business. Getting sponsors on board through targeted emails, invitations, and a meeting with your sales team can entice them. Also, having a proper payment channel helps simplify this process. 

Direct Messaging:

Are you keeping a check of what your audience values, their emotional triggers? This is the key step you need to understand before planning out hybrid events. Think of enticing ways that will motivate your audience to tune in online.  

Creating content for your online community:

A little TBT can never hurt anyone. Your consumers react positively to milestone moments (for example, guest lineups), or throwback posts from previously conducted events. Try creating hype engaging discussion forums post/pre-event to get the online conversation going.  

Keep your audience engaged 

Make it so that you’re online and in-person attendees are able to communicate with one another. Hire a moderator who is able to lead Q&A for your virtual community during and after live sessions. 

Given the scenario, the aftermaths of the pandemic are still ongoing. As businesses are trying to get back to 100 percent, applying these referred options will only lead to a successful event.

Event Marketing In 2021


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