10 Examples of The Best B2B Marketing Content

10 Examples of The Best B2B Marketing Content

Content marketing is now the new champion of B2B relations. It enables the customer to research their options and find the best solution to increase their brand awareness. B2B content marketing is an effective type of marketing that produces and distributes content in order to increase the awareness of the brand, generate leads, sales and traffic.  

Effective marketing is difficult to get right. Between creative demands, budget limits, and channel decisions, marketers have a lot to juggle when developing their marketing strategy. B2B content marketing, if done right it will enhance audience engagement, bolster brand affinity, and create a sustainable flow of leads. It is now the top priority of the B2B enterprises most well-known marketing success stories are usually from the B2C marketers as they seem to have more creative control, flexibility, and fun with their campaigns. 

Here we have rounded up some content marketing examples for B2B that will surely help your business to gets its push.  


lead pages

LeadPages helps you to design landing page templates and testing services. It majorly highlights different market assets in order to compete with the competitors. Such as a marketing blog focused on lead generation and content promotion on social media to prevent lead leaks. Leadpages is also expanding its continent to include free educational marketing resources such as eBooks, infographics and case studies. It also produces marketing podcasts and offers weekly webinars to built educational marketing. 

WP Engine

wp engine

WP Engine is a managed hosting platform for WordPress users. They divide their efforts into separate buckets that include product, industry,  business impact and support. WP engines focus on new features and company news, they help people to build their online presence majorly focusing on WordPress users. WP engine is creating a community with less talk about the business and more on providing a resource for WordPress users. It also provides written and video content to help its customers solve problems. Its content has addressed different concerns of different types of customers. 

STR Software

STR Software is in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) industry. It is focused on educational content and targets larger enterprises. It includes the creation of BI Publisher University, using lead-generated information to target and nurture leads, using email automation to share more relevant content. The creation of gated content using an online form to capture data from leads and Effective email marketing to reach their audience. 

Simply Business

simply business

Simply Business focused on creating content that would be relevant to business owners rather than selling them insurances. It is the largest insurance broker in the UK. However, their strategy includes Email productivity, Google Ads, WordPress, Business blogging and Social media. This idea was highly successful and it increased the ranking of their keywords and increased traffic. 

Single Grain

Single Grain is a digital marketing agency that wanted to attract companies like Uber and Amazon. They designed their content in a way that converted visitors into subscribers. However, their content marketing includes blogs focused on effective online marketing, a Marketing School podcast pairing their CEO and an extensive online resource centre featuring guides, courses, webinars, and infographics. This attracted tons of traffic on their site and created awareness about their business. 



HubSpot is a marketing company that adopted inbound marketing. Their content is divided into two types and has a very simple approach. Moreover, it includes blogs- designed to teach small businesses about inbound marketing to attract readers. And a resources section includes an impressive library of eBooks, case studies, webinars, a quiz, and a marketing kit. In addition, their strategy enabled them to become a billion-dollar worth company from being a public-funded company.



Scripted assists companies in finding and hiring writers to develop their content. Their content marketing strategy focuses on each step of the buyer’s journey and provides them with a competitive advantage. However, it includes blogs and podcasts discussing common problems. White papers and webinars offering deeper solutions. And case studies to prove their effectiveness to subscribers who will hopefully then use their services


sales force

Salesforce is the world’s largest vendor of CRM. It increased its search and paid traffic by using a number of tactics such as entertaining videos about sales and marketing, the first stop-motion SlideShare in the world and a customer success Prezi. This strategy increased 80% increase in the traffic and eBook downloads reached 10,000.



SAP is one of the largest enterprise software vendors in the world and focuses on segmentation. Their strategy includes customized content marketing for 19 customer segments, solution-based content for each segment by demonstrating the industry-specific benefits of their product and using correct content for each target such as tweets, blog posts, LinkedIn status updates, their own SAP Community Network, virtual and live events, outbound and responder follow-up calls, and account-based marketing.


secure world

SecureWorks helps companies to detect potential sources of cyber-attack. It focuses on making effective content that will help solve the problems of customers and eventually convert traffic into leads. Their strategy includes blogs to answer questions about information security and compliance and In-depth resources such as webinars, white papers, reports, case studies, solution briefs, datasheets, and videos. 

SecureWorks was able to make one out of two qualified leads an opportunity and double their conversion rate.

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