What is The 2021 Forecast For Content Marketing?

What is The 2021 Forecast For Content Marketing?

Content Marketing Strategy 2021

Are you and your brand prepared for the upcoming year? 2020 will be long forgotten like an overplayed Adele song, obnoxiously blasting in a department store. With that in mind, content marketers need to plan for 2021. 

Create a team that’s not afraid to fail or experiment, but most importantly, THINK BIG!

This year has taught us that we need to pay close attention to the needs of the customers. As Tik Tok trends kept us sane during this time, brands need to reconsider the way they spew out content in terms of how they research and develop. 


Everything around us is evolving. And with the newfound social awareness energy, Millennials and Gen Z’s are the major reason content nowadays is raw and unfiltered. Companies are more focused on how to address social issues without coming off as being too political. 

Brands need to stay on top of social issues to stay relevant in the digital media age.  From the content marketing perspective,  your social campaigns should align with your values. As the online world is unforgiving, users will not be responsive if your content is distasteful or off-brand. 

More than Just a Purchase

Most buyers are looking for the whole package when they purchase something from a brand. People want more inclusivity and transparency, but not for the sake of getting on the trend bandwagon. Therefore, maintaining a customer-centric relationship is possible through shared purpose and values. Your loyal customers demand that you speak up on different topics. Besides Covid-19, topics such as Black Lives Matter and climate change were circulated in the digital verse. Content marketers need to do their homework when producing thought-provoking content. 

Remote Marketing

Through virtual and remote engagement content marketers can reach a wide and diverse audience.  Which is why through new and informative content It will be important to put out new content focusing on providing audiences with answers to their questions. 

Organic Content

As much as we’d all like to forget COVID-19, it has definitely changed the way we business. This year we’ve seen a rise in the production of organic videos. Gone are the days of formal videos, with the rise of more authentic content.

Things are still all over the place, so take all the lessons you’ve learned from 2020 and be prepared for what is to come in 2021.

Content Marketing Strategy 2021

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