Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing: Which One Is Better?

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing: Which One Is Better?

Digital marketing vs traditional

Startups and small business owners often struggle with deciding the type of marketing to kick start their business. As at the start, they have a limited budget that can accommodate one type rather than two. This decision is not an easy one and has a lot of decisions to look out for such as How do I know if marketing is working? Should I do it myself?

The use of print media such as newspapers and magazines is a simple example of traditional marketing. It also includes flyers, billboards, and commercials both on TV and radio. Here we have gathered some pros and cons of both traditional and digital marketing that can help you to choose which is perfect for you.

Perks of Traditional Marketing

The basic advantage of traditional marketing is that you can easily reach the targeted audience. The print materials can be kept as a hard copy that can be read and browsed over and over again. The reach to the audience is easy for example a radio ad might play in one location: your city or region. Or mailbox flyers will go to households in a select number of suburbs. 

Traditional marketing is easy to understand and most people are familiar with this strategy. Science also supports the benefit of hard copy marketing. Neuroscience seems to support the benefits of hard copy marketing. A study shows that direct mail was easier to process mentally and tested better for brand recall.  In the study, the effects of paper marketing (direct mail pieces, in this case) with digital media (email and display ads) were compared. It was proven that traditional ways of marketing have more impact on the viewers.

Con of Traditional Marketing

The major con of traditional marketing is that print or radio advertisements can be very costly. Printing materials can be expensive and you need people to distribute them. The results of this marketing strategy cannot easily be measured if the campaign was successful or not. 

There is very little interaction between the medium used and the customers. It is more of providing information to the public that the brand exists with the hope of these people patronizing the brand.

Pros of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing enables you to target a local audience as well as the international. You can make an effective campaign tailored according to the audience demographics, such as gender, location, age, and interests.

Traditional marketing doesn’t give a choice to the audience but digital marketing gives control to the audience to choose what they want to see. If a person likes to read a blog post, another person likes to watch a YouTube video they will get the desired content. 

Instead of traditional marketing, most people hate receiving sales flyers in their mailbox or phone calls at inconvenient times on stuff that they have little interest in.  Digital marketing also enables you to interact with the audience with the use of social media networks. You can encourage your prospects, clients, and followers to take action, visit your website, read about your products and services, rate them, buy them and provide feedback that is visible to your market.

Digital Marketing

Another advantage of digital marketing is that it is cost-efficient. Investing in paid ads online is still cheaper compared to traditional marketing.

Data and results of digital marketing can be recorded easily with google analytics and insight tools. The user can easily check their campaigns and can see the real-time business condition and can adapt to changes for better results. 

Bottom Line

Both digital and traditional marketing have their own advantages and disadvantages. Physical material is more real to the brain; it has a meaning and a place and the audience grabs it more effectively. But digital marketing has more reach and can have an impact on a greater number of people.

Digital marketing vs traditional

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