Digital Marketing Wednesday Roundup

Digital Marketing Wednesday Roundup

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Tiktok released its first AR effect

TikTok rang in 2021 with the launch of LiDAR-powered AR-enhanced effects. Only our fellow Apple 12 Pro users will understand what I’m talking about. 

Dive into a colourful lair of augmented reality made up of an explosion of confetti. That takes the user into a realm of innovative effects distinguishing a parallax between the digital and physical world. Only made possible through the magic of LiDAR technology. 

Following the roadmap of its fellow competitor Snapchat, who back in October of 2019 added support through Apple’s LiDar sensor to create their AR filters. 

As augmented reality filters are shaking up the social media game, it is only fair that companies are trying to be more and more innovative.  

TikTok and its pot of tricks continue to give us a major AR headache thanks to the genius creators watching their trickery unfold back at the HQ.

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Parler partially reappeared back online.

Following Donald Trump’s Twitter ban, the conservative platform quickly climbed to the top of Apple’s App Store. A largely unmoderated social network that saw a 281% click in installs. 

Parler was removed from Apple and Google App Stores post the US Capitol attacks but has managed to make an online comeback. The social networking platform soon went dark after Amazon discovered that Parler provided cloud hosting services that were being used to organize the heinous attack on Capitol Hill on Jan.

Apple’s App Review board in an email addressed to Parler’s app developers said: “Parler has not upheld its commitment to moderate and removes harmful or dangerous content encouraging violence and illegal activity.” 

It is still up in the air if Parler can survive after this outrage. As it still needs to give interested users something to latch on to. Americans love this app. According to many sources it reappeared with the help of a Russian based technology company.

Facebook ads might not be important

A brief study conducted by Forrester collected data on the implications of companies pulling advertising from social platforms following last year’s boycott. 

Last July many elected to boycott buying advertising through Facebook, including renowned labels such as Adidas, Birchbox, Clorox, and Best Buy.

Not many companies have been brave enough to be a part of the boycott, initially led by a leading civil rights group. Those that did realize that there was no negative impact from dropping Facebook as their primary advertising resource. 

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

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