In What Ways Will Search Marketing Evolve in 2021?

In What Ways Will Search Marketing Evolve in 2021?

Digital Marketing trends 2021

As we’re days away from 2021, it has been a year of adaptation for marketing agencies. Due to the rise within the commerce umbrella, SEO practitioners and PPC specialists now measure and target consumer preferences.  

Companies hit hard by pandemic driven financial crises now use organic search optimization because of constrained advertising budgets. Which is why the role of SEO has become the most important puzzle piece in agencies. Thanks to Google’s latest ‘Page Experience’ search marketers can now track consumer behaviour, a trend which will continue into 2021. 

Bizventure Marketing’s experts have narrowed down their predictions for the future of search. 

search marketing 2021

UX and SEO

Post the May announcement from Google regarding taking ‘page experience’ in consideration when accessing search rankings. The expert prediction is that the correlation of user experience and SEO will mesh together like peanut butter and jelly in 2021.

VP of Product at Searchmetrics Björn Darko says that “Google has a concrete idea of how a perfect user experience has to look for different industries”. Which is precisely why marketers need to shift their focus on getting the user experience right. Darko also pointed out that with Google’s new developments, Web Vitals will be critical in determining if your domain is user friendly or answers the queries of your visitors. Therefore, marketers need to take this into account when delivering innovative content without delays, and simplified layouts to get the users to interact with your website. Regardless of your industry mediums. 

With search experience taking over SEO, 2021 will change the way companies optimise UX. In essence, Google’s driven by its mission to create a faster web space by next year. 

Rapidly Emerging SEO-verse

With the challenges of 2020, organizations feel the surmountable pressure to eliminate ad budgets, which has  led SEO specialists to take on new roles. ‘Free’ SEO has been a great resource in these unprecedented times, providing better organic content than those which are paid. As many companies are seeking cost-effective ways for the online shift, this change will deliver uncredible customer insights. 

Experts believe that adopting the latest technological innovation i.e artificial intelligence is key to get maximized results from SEO. Spanning across all digital and e-commerce verticals. This will allow marketing teams to deliver digital campaigns with precision.

Using search data for success

Businesses are starting to realize the advantage search data can bring to their organisations. Brands are leaning on data-points and search to monitor performance and demands of the audiences. Planning teams through search intelligence are slowly breaking into new markets. Even with little SEO knowledge, companies will be able to predict future business ventures through search data. 

Accordingly, industries noticed a boost in search interest within the past 6 months. which is significantly more than the statistics reported in 2019. Including a spike in pet products, exercise and gaming equipment as well as grocery items. There was additionally a visible demand this year in pet adoption and garden accessories.

Core Web Vitals Update 

The Core Web Vitals update will be beneficial in providing brands with accurate data to make the necessary changes. As technical SEO has made its way in becoming the most important weapon marketing teams have in optimising the customer experience. 

With the pros of search visibility, it has many downsides. In the first half of 2021, Google will pull a great amount of content into its search results page, which is bad news for publishers and search marketers. Although, Google will continue its trend to extract answers from the deep webspace. But when you take answers from different sources, acknowledgement becomes tricky, and that content gets less visibility and audience. In short marketing agencies are caught up in a dilemma, having to weigh their traffic parallel to Google’s intelligible structure.  

Digital Marketing trends 2021

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