3 Cost-Effective Ways to Use Facebook Ads to Get More Clients

3 Cost-Effective Ways to Use Facebook Ads to Get More Clients

Facebook Ads tips

Facebook ads if used properly can add great revenue to your real estate business. You can get more clients and can ultimately sell more houses. 

If you are looking forward to starting a real estate business, Facebook ads will boost your business and help you yield high returns. Here we have gathered some tested strategies and methods to get more clients through Facebook ads

Focus on awareness and reach

Facebook Ads tips

Add a Facebook ad into your marketing plan that is geared to your database is a great way to use Facebook ads, as it gives you another medium and opportunity to contact your database for a small cost.

Create real estate Q&A videos around 60 to 90 seconds long about common real estate questions. Upload your database list and take out a Facebook ad. Focus on the people who either know, like, or trust you.

It would be challenging to get a direct return on investment from these Facebook ads. Before using ads focus on awareness and reach. It is critical to know that how many people saw your ad, and how many times did they see it?

The more you communicate to your database, the more you improve awareness.

Invest in low-cost leads

low cost leads

Facebook leads is an easy way to find potential clients. It is the best way to generate leads for a ridiculously low cost. If we compare it with other lead generating websites, agents pay hundreds and thousands to get leads. 

You can generate 100 low-cost facebook leads and then convert one of them into a sale. In this way, you can acquire clients for a fraction of the cost. 

There are a few points to keep in mind before generating leads through Facebook Ads.

  • A majority of your leads will not be ready enough to have a listing consultation or go tour homes with you.
  • Most people aren’t on Facebook looking for a real estate agent. They are there to have fun.
  • The lower the lead cost, the further away they tended to be from completing a real estate transaction. As a result, they tend to have longer sales cycle times.

You can certainly generate leads on Facebook and convert them into clients. However, it does require a strong sales follow-up and lead nurture infrastructure — and a lot of patience.

Convert more clients

convert leads into customers

Use Facebook ads to market homes, it is the strategy to beat out other real estate agents.  You can also use it to sell the client’s home. You need to convince them that you will really do everything to get their home sold and market their property better than any other agent.

Make video ads and focus on the key audience. Show clients click-through rates of past campaigns, exposure and how much money we will put into Facebook ads for marketing their home.

It is not guaranteed that you will be able to sell the house, but you can get more clients because of the feedback received from the clients. As they are impressed and feels like you are doing something to sell their house. 

Bottom Line 

You can use Facebook ads to generate low-cost leads, target your database or convert more customers. Use Facebook ads to target the audience and convert them into customers.

Facebook Ads tips

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