Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

successful brand video marketing campaign

Let’s acknowledge the fact that static content doesn’t have the “IT” factor to drive business-changing results. Recent studies indicate that a lot more than 50 per cent of people react better to videos than any other content format. For marketers here are the important do’s and don’ts to understand if you’re just getting started. 


1: Entertain, Educate, engage

As storytelling is the secret sauce without which it’s hard to keep a group of an audience engaged, make this your starting point. Begin with redefining brand narrative, because your first impression of your consumer needs to hit right on target. 

Create a persona that’s genuine and fresh as this will help you connect better with today’s consumers. CEOs that record their videos instead of using their production team come across as more relatable and trust-worthy. Just be yourself, people find that highly appealing. 

2: Include a call to action

Don’t spend hours making an awesome video without adding a call to action. This can make or break your whole message. 

Likewise, once you have the audience at your fingertips it’s not your chance to take advantage of this momentum by directing an action. 

Map out the user experience: Do you want them to watch another video, visit your services/products page or learn more about your business philosophy? As a call to action skyrockets consumer engagement metrics and results in higher conversion rates.  

3: Track your results through analytics 

To review the impact you’ve had on your audience, measuring the analytics of your videos is the best way to measure success. 

Through views, metrics, play rates, completion rates, and social shares you can evaluate the fundamental results. 


1: Stop focusing on going viral

Your primary strategy should not centre around going viral. Although high views or hits acquired on a certain video are a sign of growth, it’s not necessarily the best way to measure success. 

2: Keep your videos short 

Videos that span less than two minutes tend to have a higher engagement rate. Whereas if a video exceeds two minutes, then the retention rate starts to drop over time. Depending on the platform determine the length in correspondence with the platform. 

As shorter videos drive awareness and longer videos are valuable for getting a conversation going and delivering insights. 

3: Forget branding

Take your time in solidifying your brand reputation if your main goal is to sell a product or service with your videos. 

Bring your logo, slogan, and brand motto to people’s attention, this is where videos will help you generate organic views. 

Introducing consumers with engaging visuals and effective content is how you can counter their agile viewing habits. Video is one of the most popular tools content marketers have. This can bring in impressive ROIs for your businesses. 

With these tips, you’ll be on your way to producing a successful video marketing campaign.

successful brand video marketing campaign

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