4 Key Elements That Make Up Effective Social Media Videos

4 Key Elements That Make Up Effective Social Media Videos

Key Elements for Effective Social Media Videos

Do you remember the last time you watched a video? And it left you in awe. 

Granted Videos have been around forever. However, each day they get increasingly popular in driving engagement and reach. 

And according to statistics, the number of people turning into a Facebook Live has significantly increased by four times over the past year. As well as the amount people spend watching videos has increased at a steady rate of 32% per year as recorded between 2013 and 2018. 

Experts predict that this year a person will easily spend around 100 minutes every day watching videos. Alarming, isn’t it? Which is a huge indicator that marketers need to take these stats into account when planning their video marketing strategies for social media channels. 

Introducing your brand to live streaming videos will increase its authenticity, and here are the four elements you need to factor in. 

key elements for effective social media videos


Tailor your videos in accordance with each platform, because what works for one won’t necessarily work for all social media channels. As they all have different audiences.  

The demographic on TikTok and Instagram is where you’ll find millennials and Gen Z. Whereas Facebook and Twitter is a playground with a wider user base. So take note when you create videos for these specific platforms. 

For instance, LinkedIn is a space for professionals to educate, job hunt, and network. That’s why different video formats complement various social channels. For example, a video you upload to Facebook, has to be fitted to landscape mode for Facebook Watch. Whilst Instagram Reels, Stories, and IGTV require you to upload in portrait modes. The difficult task is to resize your videos each time. But don’t worry, because there are plenty of tools like Boosted, that can help automatically size videos based on the dimensions of any social platform. 


An important component you need to be mindful of is the length of a video. As users scroll through feeds, you need to devote time into creating something that will catch their attention. Hence, the beginning few seconds of your video are critical. That’s your main hook, and the only way you can bait the audience. 

Do you know how long an Instagram video should be?

15 seconds if you plan on posting a story, and more than 30 seconds long for Instagram Reels. Although you have more freedom with IGTV videos, as they can go over the 60-minute mark.

Therefore the magical potion to drive social engagement is knowing the specific posting rules of the respective social media platform.

Video Graphics

VISUALS, VISUALS, and VISUALS. Are the main spices that’ll spruce up your content and grasp the attention of your users.

Begin with creating simple video graphics that can be easily viewed on smart devices. 

  1. Design graphics that align with user-friendliness 
  2. Space visual elements well enough to allow users to distinguish them
  3. Create thumbnails  
key elements for effective social media videos

Video Sound

Most people prefer to watch videos on their smartphone devices. As we all have dreadfully hectic lives, more often than not our devices are the best friends we have while out in public. 

It’s likely not everyone will use headphones to browse videos. For this reason, often people find themselves watching videos without sound.

According to a US survey, approximately 69% of consumers often watch videos without audio whilst they’re in a public place.

In order to stand out, give them something that will appeal to the masses without any sound elements. When designing consider adding subtitles, or content that will get your point across without a sound. 

Craft ideas effectively by understanding these four key elements, in order to increase reach and engagement. 

Key Elements for Effective Social Media Videos

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