How to Nurture Real Estate Leads with Content Marketing

How to Nurture Real Estate Leads with Content Marketing

Agree that selling sneakers and selling a house are somewhat different things? Yes, it’s all about sales, but in each case, people will make verdicts in different ways. It is possible to buy shoes or something else impulsively, but only billionaires can afford to be guided by emotions when buying a house. And even they will never do it because they know the real price of money much better than anyone else. Therefore, it is necessary to line lead generation and lead nutrition a little inversely when it comes to real estate leads.

Get Closer with Social Networks

Modern business is built on trust among the company and the client. And if, when deciding on an insignificant purchase, the user can go to a company with which he has not worked previously, just because it is convenient for him at a given time, then for the real estate sector, trust is the key to further relations. And the best way to start building trust is to get closer to the user using social networks.

Statistics display that many users prefer to form an all-inclusive picture of the company based on its social profiles. And this is particularly true when it comes to buying real estate. Because most likely, a person intends to make one of the most important purchases in life.

Therefore, if you still haven’t done this, start being active in social networks. Answer users’ queries, invite them to express their opinion, shoot real videos of apartments and houses that you sell, and ask them to leave feedback.

Offer a Lot of Value from Your Website Blog

When a certain user becomes your lead, this is already a good sign that clearly shows intention. However, at this stage, it is very likely that a person is not yet fully oriented in the situation on the real estate market. In the best case, he can understand his requirements and necessities regarding future housing, but otherwise, he has many more questions than answers. Therefore, help him solve these issues with fresh content on your blog.

What Type of Content to Create for a Blog

  • A real-world overview of the real estate market first-hand. You can create relative characteristics, show how housing prices change depending on the area of ​​the city. And even create individual selections based on user requests. 
  • Your practice-proven references on how to choose housing which needs may be temporary and not main, and which Instants will always be crucial, for example, the choice of a designer.
  • Tips on how to make repairs, where to buy supplies, and furniture in your city. Perhaps you can offer your customers a discount at a building materials store, tell them about it too.
  • Articles about you as a company. But do not get away with this type of article – there should be more useful content. However, talk about your activities, share the results, and plans.
  • Get Even More Real Estate Leads with Guest Posting

Guest posts are a secondary way of nurturing real estate leads, as you publish them on a third-party resource. However, no one forbids you to create valuable material and invite your probable customers to read it on another site. In addition, you can kill several more birds with one stone at a time.

When you publish a guest post, you simultaneously receive a backlink to your website. This is an additional signal for search engines that your site deserves trust and attention. Plus, if you choose the right site for publication, then you will simultaneously get the opportunity to connect with other potentially interested users and turn them into your leads.

Stay Connected with Email Marketing

In general, the rules of successful email marketing remain nearly the same for all business segments. The first thing you need to do is to sector your users. Depending on what stage of the association you are at. Obviously, this is not worth making an offer to buy a home for the person who signed up for your newsletter ten minutes ago. Instead, you need to give free value. And for this, you can use the ideas that we listed when we talked about content for the blog. Alter them into more expedient formats for email bulletins, break up information into rational blocks and nurture your leads with values.

Show the Truth and Reality with Video

Video marketing is a very sturdy trend. And in the case of residential real estate, video is better than thousands of words and millions of photos. Be sure to shoot thorough videos of the objects you want to sell. Leave your comments, fairly point out the advantages and potential disadvantages. You can even ask users to help you make a list of interesting questions that you will answer in your video.

Nurture Them with Social Proofs

Social evidence is about development leads through building trust. We decided to include this item in our guide. As the comment from your previous customers is a very strong confirmation that you can be trusted.

Be sure to ask your customers to leave feedback on your website or social network. In addition, you can ask them to guide you with some pictures that show how people live in rooms or houses bought with your help. User-generated content is just as influential as text reviews

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