Real Estate Marketing Tips & tricks

Real Estate Marketing Tips & tricks

RealEstate Marketing tips & tricks.

Here’s how you can skyrocket your chances towards creating business-changing marketing content and capturing the attention of potential real estate prospects.

Get Social:

How can social media influence brand recognition, exactly? With real estate being an industry that depends highly on sales, an online persona is a key to establishing a community within your client base. 

Specifically, when creating content, acknowledge the queries of your clients. As one thing we’ve learned when overlooking the current real estate market is that a powerful narrative can lead to delivering business-changing results. 

Hire a champion community manager to be the middleman connecting customers and brands. Be authentic, and elevate user experience by designing giveaways, informative quizzes, as well as engage with followers by giving them shoutouts on Instagram stories. Maybe consider awarding the winner a free book that would be helpful i.e on tips to invest in real estate. This way you can blend your social media channels and get your Twitter or Facebook followers to discover you on other platforms. 

As social media proves to be an effective method to generate leads and engagement — real estate marketers need to choose a couple of social media platforms — to develop the brand identity. Start by posting original photos of properties, write engaging blog posts, to educate potential buyers and sellers, on why they should hire your marketing team.

Produce Engaging Content:

To drive visitors to flock to your website, write buzzworthy blogs (for example, highlighting the best neighborhoods in Pakistan or the different types of loans there are for a clueless buyer) to increase traffic and SEO. Make it a worthy rest stop to showcase your expertise and build on expanding your reach. With the rise in digital users, blogs can establish brand credibility. For instance, a comment section is a great way to collect a pool of ideas and reader feedback.

Additionally, SEO optimization can also provide the necessary numbers and figures needed to boost your visibility. Allocate a strategy to invest in the right analytic tools such as Ahrefs and Answer The Public to assist you in searching for keywords and topics, within your geographical limitation. Going down the SEO route will only broaden your topic ideas consequentially.

Invest in a Professional Photographer:

Original and authentic photographs of your listings are the best approach to set yourself ahead of the pack. In this instance, forget what we’ve been told that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover — on the contrary, that statement doesn’t stand a chance when you’re trying to sell something in today’s market. 

Scope out your area to find the best available photographers, with a portfolio featuring amazing interior shots. They can help you scan out the house to get high-quality images highlighting the best features of the property. Furthermore, A wide-angle lens is effective in giving the allusion of quality space. As people are browsing through hundreds of listings, a major impact in clicking on the photo depends on its visuals. 

3D Visual Tours:

Being basic is boring. Stick out like a sore thumb by providing an immersive perspective, curating ideas for video walkthroughs, and succeeding in realistically giving 3D insights of the properties and locations.

You don’t necessarily need to splurge thousands of rupees on shooting professionally made videos. Instead, great work is produced when there is a shared vision. Even a video shot on your smartphone could be a winner if done correctly. This strategy will not only distinguish you from the competition but show clients that you’re worthy of their time and are a team they’d want to work with. 

Host Webinars and Virtual Events:

marketing tips and tricks

Gone are the days when people would gather in a hotel conference room and be bored by lengthy presentations. An outdated practice, made so thanks to webinars and virtual events. Amidst the ongoing pandemic people from around the globe can meet in a virtual setting. This streamlined method is made easy with no costs, instead offering optimal reach. 

Advantages of staging a webinar:

  • Scaling is possible without having to stress about logistics
  • Attracts a large group of buyers and sellers
  • Build traffic by creating a registration page for the webinar and get a conversation going
  • Gather the data collected from the webinars to generate more leads and prospects

And since we are shaping up to work remotely, virtual events are ideal as they fill the limitation of the hosting costs. Allowing people to have the freedom to attend at their discretion, and possibly even attracting a new group of buyers and sellers that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.  

Pros of hosting a virtual event:

  • Personal branding occasion to advertise to a new set of people
  • Invite specialists to discuss home trends and detailed design analysis
  • Offer a step-by-step plan to first time home buyers who are not versed in the buying process. And also allow current homeowners to discover new trends and listings. 
  • Reach out to the respective local government official to discuss the latest developments going on in the community

Design Awesome Looking Business Cards:

First impressions are crucial. It is no surprise that networking can lead to more job and business ventures. Therefore, business cards are a powerful way to share your brand information and build your existing reputation. It gives people access to your company websites and property listings you represent. 

So distribute your business card like pizza flyers, or casually exchange it with other entrepreneurs at a community barbeque. Whatever floats your boat. 

Competitor Analysis:

When strategizing your marketing plan, take a good look as to what’s out there. Analyze the top competitors in the industry and conduct a SWOT analysis to screen over your strengths and weaknesses. 

For example, an idea that is here to stay is a chatbot. Adding it to your website design gives customers a tailored interaction. Whatever it takes to gain an edge on your competitors, get on it! 


Your website is the main entrée on the internet. Prepare to WOW your potential customers and enhance your brand confidence by implementing these tips.

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