The Marketer’s Guide to Slide share

The Marketer’s Guide to Slide share

Slide Share marketing

The humble slide show has come a long way. From the Kodak carousel of Mad Men fame to the universal PowerPoint, here we are in a valiant new world of social, shareable, viral-ready SlideShare presentations that can shape your brand and grow your audience – if you do it right.

Slide Share, simply put, is a way to put your PowerPoint presentation online. But with 400,000 presentations added every month, it’s a congested space. So it’s important to put in the work to make a good presentation and stand out from the crowd.

Read on to find out Tips for using SlideShare in your social media marketing strategy:

There is a lot that a decent Slide Share presentation can do to boost your social marketing strategy largely or to achieve specific aims, including increasing your audience, driving traffic, and increasing your B2B visibility.

Grow your audience

SlideShare doesn’t permit live connections in the portrayal, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize them by any stretch of the imagination. Suggestions to take action can be incorporated all through the show (after the initial three slides). They ought to be organized to get your crowd when they really need to click—minutes when they’re truly pondering, “where would I be able to study this?” That implies fabricating top caliber, useful introductions that additionally leave your crowd needing more.

Calls to action should also be clearly marked and, it goes without saying, directing your audience to do something. A link isn’t good enough; you need to point readers to where you want them to go.

Improve your ranking on Google

With its strong traffic numbers, SlideShare is a big shot as far as its own Google rankings. The influence that to support your own site’s positioning with a couple of basic strategies. 

First, pick a title and keywords that are going to give you superiority over the competition. More heavily trafficked keywords are going to be more reasonable, so try for a new angle or a niche that you can really spike.

Once you know your presentation has a shot of getting noticed, check out your Slide Share summary itself to ensure its demonstrating you correctly. Both your Slide Share profile and your presentations should be linking back to your site.

Get email subscribers

You don’t need to limit your calls to action to links to your website. You can also include links to your newsletter, your Twitter feed or any other social media you want your readers to find you. Recall, live links can be inserted anywhere after the first three slides, but not in the description. But as with anything, you need to give them a reason to subscribe and make it clear what they’re signing up for.

Build brand awareness

SlideShare is a great place to compress out more value from your existing content, revealing it to a whole new audience. You have comprehensive control over the identity you’re depicting through your presentation, so make the most of that opportunity by incorporating your brand. Be imaginative: a small watermark in the bottom right corner of your slides can do a lot, but maybe your brand has a very detailed voice that you can employ throughout your copy as well.

Get seen by other businesses

SlideShare claims it has five times as much traffic from business owners than Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. It’s also visited by industry-leading businesses.

Converting the views of the leading brands and companies and also converting them to leads is the real challenge, and where the importance lies. 

Follow the tips above to make a killer Slide Share presentation that will convince your corresponding professionals that you really are the expert and/or brand they’re looking to partner with.

Slide Share marketing

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