Ideas to Develop Your Social Media Content Strategy

Ideas to Develop Your Social Media Content Strategy

social media content strategy

Everything we do in life requires proper planning and a strategic approach. If we don’t plan before doing something, all our work or activities would turn out to be a mess. 

In whatever way you are heading, you must have focus and a good understanding of whatever you are doing and where you are heading towards. For your social media content and strategies, you must have a proper plan and direction so you can know who your target audience is and By now, most marketers know that social media plays an integral role in an effective inbound marketing strategy. And with so many social networks to manage and publish on, it’s important to stay organized and have a plan for when and what you’re going to share on these platforms.

The Benefits of Using a Social Media Content Calendar

We’re all busy. And when we’re busy without a plan in place for the tasks we have to get done, things unavoidably slip through the cracks. Social media content is no exception.
Just like with blogging, a positive social media strategy needs regular publication and engaging with followers to see positive results whether that be in terms of SEO, brand acknowledgment, lead generation, or all three.
So, if you’re not already using a social media content calendar you need to read this.

Calendars help you get organized

When things come up. With a social media calendar, marketers can plan out posts for whole weeks or months in advance, which frees up occupied hours to maneuver for the future and to surge off any posts about breaking news in your industry. Or else, you’ll spend treasured time each day searching the internet for that day’s content to share, which is a known efficiency killer.

A calendar helps you plan

For each social network to modify posts instead of spamming all platforms with the same message. Social media marketers should take the time to skill custom messages for each network, and doing this in advance will save time throughout the week and ensure you’re being thoughtful and deliberate when you do post.

Track performance and plan for future posts

Without a calendar, social media marketers are publishing content into the annulled and are unable to track big-picture and past presentations. With a calendar, marketers can look back and examine which content performed best so they can adjust their strategy accordingly.

Plan your Holidays

With the help of a calendar, marketers can plan for holidays and observance days, such as National Poverty Day, when they can tailor their content and engage with a wider audience.

Top tools to stay organized and ahead of your game.

Microsoft Excel

Marketers might already use Excel for diverse types of information and data analysis in their roles, but it’s a highly valuable tool for social media content calendar organization, too. Excel can be modified to whatever priorities or metrics a team is focused on, so it’s a great tool for planning ahead.

Google Drive

Google drive has several helpful features that make it easy for social media marketers to build out an effective content calendar.


Loomly deals with tools outside the management of content, going even so far as to provide post inspiration and ideas to help you create content. It also allows you to manage your content possessions, schedule posts, manage them in both a list view and a calendar view and analyze what’s working


An organizational tool that’s highly operative for team collaboration. Trello also bids a full calendar view which makes it easy to envisage what content is going out, and when. More specifically, social media managers can use Trello’s supple assignment “cards” and customizable “boards” and “lists” to map out to-do lists, manage a content calendar, plan a campaign, and house ideas from the brainstorm.


Hootsuite offers a built-in Planner tool to help you create campaigns, identify publication gaps, and collaborate with your content creation team. Its primary features are in social publishing so that you can issue content to your networks in advance, but it also has rich features for collaboration and post approvals.

Now that you have reviewed a few helpful tools to kick your social media strategy into high gear, experiment with them. Every social media team is different, and it could be a combination of these tools that helps you execute your strategy efficiently to drive ROI.

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