Bring Cricket to your Home

Bring Cricket to your Home

T20 World Cup 2021

Cricket has always been a passion for every nation especially for the Pakistani nation, whereas every team is the epitome of national pride. With the ongoing T20 World cup, it is every cricketer’s dream to not only represent their team at the T20 World Cup but to be a part of the ‘T20 World Cup’ winning team. For only one nation, the dream comes true; but for every other, it remains just a dream. 

The nation of Pakistan has a lot of supporters to look into and enjoy, for some reason they are always more enthusiastic and full of spirit for a cricket match. Our people plan parties and home screenings or even theatre screening for a match and they enjoy every minute of it. The cricket fever is always high and the whole nation comes together to support their team and pray for victory.  

As much as any team needs support on-field, off-field support is equally needed. As all of us can’t be present at the stadium, what’s stopping you guys from making every moment enjoyable at home? let’s talk about feeling equally triumphant, for we can easily get in the spirit of cricket with enthusiasm, while being at home and secondly, make a quick prayer that the Pakistani cricket team emerges to be victorious so that we literally mean it when we chant ‘tum jeeto ya haaro, Humain tum say pyar hai.’

Suit up

Green, for Pakistan, is not a color but a feeling. A feeling of nationalism. A feeling of unity, it is a uniform tying us together. So for starters, get your hands on those jerseys. To feel every bit of the fight and emerge out victorious, you need a uniform. To feel every bit of the emotion.

Wave the flag

The next essential is not only vital, but it is our Identity. Our green and our white. Our flag. It’s the representation of our national loyalty to our team, to our country. So ‘flag’s up’ for completing our look, our homes. Like we celebrate 14th august and show ourselves as one nation, united. Wave flags when there’s a match, decorate your homes with them, and show yourself united and in complete support of the nation. 

Open-air screening

Moving towards celebrating cricket matches, invite a few friends or family over to truly live the moment, and for that, projector screening is a must for outdoor viewing. Do it in your lawns and homes. 

For the perfect decorations, there are a few basic things needed. Starting by ordering a projector and a screen, hopefully with a tripod. These are all easily available and affordable, depending on the quality. Moving forward, spread out a large plastic sheet in your lawns. On that plastic sheet, spread out carpets or rugs to give a more comfortable feeling. Place a couple of mattresses on those rugs. You can go out in a couple of ways to achieve a nice and attractive look. As the match starts, enjoy!

P.S. Don’t forget to pray for the Pakistani cricket team guys. Let’s bring this cup home.

T20 World Cup 2021

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