Top 5 Free and Paid Social Media Analytics Tools for Businesses

Top 5 Free and Paid Social Media Analytics Tools for Businesses

Top 5 Free and Paid Social Media Analytics

This is an era of social media, and it is evident from its ever-growing usage and ever-increasing social apps. After witnessing their advantages, many companies are adopting social media to market their businesses. Social media paid to advertise is also very common nowadays, and people are spending their hours on it, in order to gain maximum out of it.

After inviting time and money, everyone wants to know how their social media marketing is performing, especially businesses who aim for ROI through social media wants to know what type of post/content is performing better. This can be analyzed through social media analytics tools that can also show you where you stand.

Want to improve your social media marketing? Get Social Media Analytics Tools for Businesses

If you are not using social media analytics tools, it would be hard for you to find answers such as, is your Facebook marketing strategy converting traffic into leads? Which Instagram post of yours get high engagement.

Most of the marketers in any business know that they need to measure their efforts and effectiveness of their strategy/campaign by using social media analytics tools. Keeping in view the ever growing need, different social media giants have launched it inside the app.  

However one should know which free social media tool will perform best for your brand as it will also save your cost.


Kissmetrics is the best tool when it comes to analyzing your social media presence. It is the most popular software, designed to examine the performance of your website. But it also offers insights about social media. This software is centered on real-time data.

Kissmetrics is the best social media analytics tools as it reveals individual visitors and groups of visitors over time. It is the best tool for Saas, e-commerce and Mobile apps. It gives funeral reports that help you identify your target and converting traffic.

Its coherent reports easily help you in analyzing your marketing campaigns from month to month. It is a paid tool and is worth paying for.


BuzzSumo is one of the best social media analytics tool having unique features such as competitor research, brand monitoring, content discovery and analysis, and influencer marketing.

Initially, this software offers free analysis so that one can know whether this tool suits them or not.


Cyfe is considered one of the best social media analytics tools. The best thing about this platform is that it synchronizes data from different marketing platforms to one particular place.

Having a number of platforms, Cyfe is one of the most powerful tools. It covers not only social media analytics but also email, advertising, monitoring, SEO, sales, and website analytics tools.

Cyfe can help in social media dashboard building of various platforms including, Bitly, Facebook Pages and Ads, Flickr, LinkedIn Company and Ads, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter Ads and Search, SlideShare, YouTube, Reviews, Publisher, and Vimeo. It should be mentioned here that Cyfe can also be used for free.

Sprout Social:

From the pool of social media tools, if you can opt for one that best suits all your need, go for Sprout Social. It is a comprehensive management tool which can be used to track how your business is performing in the social media world.

Having plenty of features for business analysis, this tool can help you in engaging more people towards social media in the best possible way.

The unique this about this particular software is that it offers users to post a message or even listen to a conversation about the company. To track your social media performances, you need to pay a little amount as this tool is not free. This software divides the social media analysis into three units: By Network, By Business, and By Need.

If you opt for “By Network” in this social media tool, you will enjoy the analysis of Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. For a large business, “By Business Type” should be chosen. By opting for “By Need,” you can get social media marketing analysis, social media management, employee advocacy, and customer care result.

Key Hole:

If we call this tool a modern one, we wouldn’t be wrong. This tool is the best use if you are hashtag lovers. In simple words if you are using too many hashtags in your social media posts, then Keyhole is a must use as it lets you learn more about hashtags.

Keywords are not the only thing, this software can help you with, and it also supports keywords, URL and can also track you on the web. The reason why I have put it in a list of top 5 social media analytics tools is that one can also view historical data from Instagram and Twitter accompanied by user’s information and number of Posts.

Keyhole provides five pricing plans; however, the highest ones are PDF reports, real-time data, historical data, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube analytics, API access, and sentiment analysis.

The Bottom Line:

If you are thinking to market your company on different social media platforms, you should opt for an analytics tool that will make you analyze that where you stand.

Without Analytics tool for social media, one cannot improve social media management. So, every company who is marketing themselves on social media can opt for the Analytics tool mentioned above.

If you have some better tool to add in the list, let us know in the comments section below.

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