Top digital marketing trends 2021

“2020 was the year we saw content creators rise on the social front. The new cultural needs and audiences have transformed the way content is being created.” 

Consequently, platforms have gone through major updates and integrated the latest functionality developments to adapt to the current consumer needs. Bolstering brands to do everything they can to handle the ebb and flow of the social landscape. 

We are expanding ways in which we store information on the social scene. 

Social media platforms are quickly diversifying, which means the way content is being organized is changing with the demand. We’re able to come back to certain posts on Instagram and Twitter, all because we can organize Saved posts.  

We are taking a keen interest in attending digital happenings. 

People now have the option to be notified when something big is happening in the social sphere, rather than opening the app directly. 

We can create “our” characters in games, so we are totally immersed in them.

Remember when Fortnite launched the Party Royale mode, a format exclusively made to socialize. There’s no arguing that in recent times online gaming spaces have become a community fostered by inclusivity.

Marketing Strategy

Brands are taking advantage of this. 

This is a moment where brands need to reevaluate how they can weave consumer journeys into digital channels. In a way that is organic, and does not come off as a one time PR stunt for the sake of creating awareness. 

We have to take into account that the social media platform culture is evolving in the community. Brands are starting to recognize the effectiveness of gaming platforms, i.e Gucci’s partnership with Fnatic e-sports stars. Content like that is appealing and authentic. 

Sponsorship marketing

In conclusion, in order to find success, companies need to reassess the most important formats on social channels that work best with their niche.

Top digital marketing trends 2021

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