Why Advertising Video Campaigns are more Effective

Why Advertising Video Campaigns are more Effective

This world is relying on Digital Marketing, but the question arises which form of Digital Marketing is more effective. Nowadays, people think that digital marketing is all about content: its marketing and organic search through SEO. No doubt, with this strategy company, brings a lot of traffic but playing with the traffic is far lost somewhere.

The most famous content marketers are using digital marketing services and techniques to attract people towards itself.  So let’s accept that the overall landscape is changing when it comes to digital marketing. The most powerful way of carrying on effective Digital Marketing is possible through Video campaign.

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It is really important to consider video marketing for promoting your business. No doubt, video is one of the most profitable and versatile platforms which is effectively making many businesses prominent, and you need an advertising agency to make it possible. Wyzowl statistics reveal that 63 percent of the total companies are using video content marketing. Out of this, 83% of businesses feel that video marketing is the most essential part of making their businesses prominent. Many businesses believe that through video marketing they can generate maximum return on investment. It should also be mentioned here that video is not the only way of promoting your business, but there are many other types of advertising which are equally important.

Below mentioned are the eight reasons why one should opt for video campaigns:

Using Videos for Boosting Sales:

Yes, you have read it right, videos advertising can help you generate some serious amount of money. By adding a product video on your landing page will improve your conversation by 80%. Videos are considered to be the best tools for leading businesses directly towards sales. So it’s high time that people should start creating product videos before this trend shifts to something else. Just imagine, if pictures can boost engagement massively, how a video will transform a business in the best possible way.

Video Generates Greater ROI:

We know that by now you would be excited to know the benefits of video advertising. To make you more excited, you should know that according to Wyzowl, 83 percent of the businesses have revealed that video provides a good return of investment.

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No doubt, a well-created video advertising campaign pays off big times. Now a day the online video advertising tools are getting more affordable so almost all businesses can afford it. It should be mentioned here that the effective videos do not matter, so it is the content that matters the most. What to do with a video whose content does not clearly explains the product. On the other hand, a good content video but with poor and irritating design does not matter.

Video-A tool for Building Trust:

The first and foremost important thing for any business is building trust with a client.  No doubt, trust is a foundation of sales; however, building trust is not that easy. But we have good news, a well-designed video acts as a bridge to build trust between you and your client. For any business, trust is the most important thing as it helps in the creation of long term relationships with clients.

To build trust through video, tell everything that is true. The new era demands much more than content; it needs confirmation through a perfect and complete portfolio.  Video content can engage customers and can ignite emotions. Nowadays, YouTubers are considered to be the most popular and influential figures to promote brands as they have built trust with their customers.

Moreover, foster videos are also considered to be the best tool, building trust with clients. One thing should be mentioned in mind that the most effective marketing video advertise the products in a conversational form.

Google Loves Videos:

Due to videos, you can increase the total time; users spend on your videos. There are two benefits if longer exposures:

1) they build you customers trust

2) they make Google believe that your site has some good content.

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Keeping this scenario in mind, Moovly gave some amazing statistics: It is 23 percent more likely that you will show up first on Google if you have embedded a video on your website. One can also optimize their videos on YouTube for SEO by writing catchy titles and descriptions. No doubt, YouTube advertising is widespread and in fashion nowadays as it attracts a maximum number of audiences towards itself.

Mobile Users feel Happy to see a video:

If I say that Video and Mobile are directly proportional to each other, I won’t be wrong. 90% of social media users watch videos on their mobile. Even YouTube has revealed that mobile video consumption is rising 100% every year. These stats clearly show how video act as a useful and effective medium to advertise your businesses.

The Bottom Line:

With the ever-growing trend of mobile technology, the overall scenario of video advertising is also increasing as most people watch videos on their mobile. So, taking advantage of this situation, brands should transform into new ways of advertising their brands in the best possible ways. Yet there is no better way of expressing your business in a more effective way than video advertising.

There are many digital marketing agencies in Pakistan, providing video advertising services. Biz Venture Marketing is an agency residing in Islamabad providing best services when it comes to advertising through video as a medium. Being an expert in 3D modeling and animation, the team can produce remarkable products when it comes to targeting your audiences. The company has helped many businesses to make their name in the industry through effective digital marketing strategies and techniques. Being a master of designing and videography, BizVenture Marketing has produced some extraordinary masterpieces which have helped many companies to grow.

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