Why Real Estate vlogs get more sales?

Why Real Estate vlogs get more sales?

real estate vlogs

Everyone knows that the continuing pandemic is affecting both the home and commercial property market, but not so many actually understand the impression of video content on property sales and its importance in the real estate business.

The property market was already starting to clasp the use of increased visual content – including video – before 2020, but since the world shifted to being more online dependent, its use has grown exponentially. Yet still many do not understand the power of video and hold back from committing to it more expansively.

Initially, when an agent or a company was to sell a property, they used photographs for its promotion, the outdoors and indoors everybody, the buyer therefore never got a chance to trust the agent completely and has always been unsure of their purchase. Property, especially real estate commercial property demands a lot of money. A person cannot just invest a huge amount just by looking at the photos, they always require complete information and knowledge of where they are investing.
Videos have made this a much tranquil task and people get a clear understanding of what they are about to buy and in what they are going to invest. 

To attract more visitors to your website – use video!

If you are not by now using video in marketing both your properties and your business, then you need to begin today. The figures speak for themselves.

On your website – whether it is listing a property or promoting your work, video captures and holds visitor attention

What this means to you is that visitors to your website will stay longer and see more, if you use video on your landing pages. Not only can this be interpreted into better conversion rates, but it also improves your SEO, as visitors lodging on your page for a longer time lowers your bounce rate (Google likes lower bounce rates).   

In other words, video has a huge impression on the spectator and leaves a lasting impression – enough to not only hold attention for much longer but also to certainly affect their buying decisions. real estate vlogs

To sell more properties – use video!

Property walkthrough videos

Video use in property marketing has become even more vital during 2020 and 2021 as travel and social distancing guidelines make ‘normal’ inspecting very problematic. Property listings with videos are more appealing to view. Property listings with video are easier to understand in terms of layout for many people (as opposed to just having a floor plan).

Property listings with videos are better at assignment and legitimacy, viewers know that photos are staged to show a room in its best light but the video is somehow more real to them. It gives the impression that nothing is being hidden or left out. And this makes listings with video more trusted.

Property area videos

As well as screening off the property itself, video is a brilliant marketing tool for advertising and stimulating an area. This can be a part of the listing video, or if your agency covers several areas in a region, you can create a number of separate videos specifying the highlights of each area.

Either way, this can place a property in the context of a desirable location.

Drone footage

The results of surveys showed that listing agents who use drones for property sales could see an increase in the interest of listings by as much as 73% – with subsequent increases in sales by as much as 68%.

As we have already seen, video is not just for retail properties, it’s for marketing yourself as well.

real estate vlogs

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