Bizventure Events

Bizventure Events

Bizventure Events

Cricket Tournament 2019

Bizventure is the only marketing agency in Islamabad who arranged the Cricket Tournament which was held on 24 July 2019. Our team competed against other representative teams of the Al-Bari Group of Companies, including Green Earth Real Estate’s, Qayad’s, and SPECCOM’s. All the teams exhibited remarkable sportsmanship, but the Green Earth Team won the day.

Iftar Dinner

The annual Iftar dinner was held on 30 May 2019, and it was attended by staff members of all the subsidiaries of the Al-Bari Group of Companies, including the Al-Bari Sales team, Bizventure’s staff, as well as staff from Qayad and SPECOM. All attendants prayed for the prosperity of their country, Ummah, and company and expressed gratitude for a fruitful year.


The Al-Bari Group of Companies sponsored a TED Talk event at TEDx TMUC on 15 October 2018. The talk was attended by various speakers, including famous artists and musicians Abrar-Ul-Haq and Umair Jaswal. Entrepreneurs like Aamir Rashid, the owner of Chikachino, and renowned architect Kamal Sinan, the chief architect of The Aquatic Mall, also attended and shared their valuable expertise with the audience. The event was marketed by Bizventure, and we are proud to say that the venue was packed to the brim.

Annual Dinner

On the annual dinner, held in the Islamabad Club, Bizventure celebrated our second foundation anniversary. The dinner was attended by upper management and staff members of the Al-Bari sales team, Green Earth Real-Estate, SPECOM as well as Bizventure.

Kashmir Solidarity Day

In solidarity with our brethren in Kashmir, the Al-Bari Group of Companies held a demonstration on 30August 2019. All the subsidiary groups and their staff participated and showed their support for the Kashmiri cause. Kashmir is an unresolved agenda of the partition, and it is close to the heart of every Pakistani. As patriotic Pakistanis, the staff of Bizventure and our sister companies were more than eager to participate in the march of Kashmir.

Cricket Tournament 2018

The Bizventure Cricket Tournament was held in 2018. All the teams of the Al-Bari Group of Companies participated in the spirit of teamwork and unity.

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